In 2012, founder and creator, Kaitey Button, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend Fashion School. There she realized that the world of fashion not only clashed with her values, but made her more aware of the power of the consumer. She lasted 3 months in her program and decided to leave to find her own way. 

It's no secret that Vancouver is an expensive city, and a hard adjustment for someone from Ontario. Kaitey needed another source of income to supplement the job she was working. In desperation for groceries, Kaitey made simple cowl neck scarves and jewelry to post on Etsy. It was here that Sycamore Archive was created in late March of 2013. 

For two more years the demand grew, as Sycamore Archive ditched the size chart and began making things to order to fit each customers specific needs. This became a win win for both the company and customer. Not a lot of garments hanging around waiting to be purchased, and customers received clothing fit for them. 

Now the company strives to be inclusive to all people regardless of age, size, gender, race, or ability. In doing so the company gives 10% of all sales back to the community through charity donation. For the rest of 2017, Sycamore Archive will be donating to QMunity, please see their website for information on the wonderful things they are doing,
In attempt to reduce waste, scraps are either donated or used to make fingerless gloves. 50% of profits from fingerless gloves are donated to an East Van Elementary school lunch program. 

Sycamore Archive was founded and currently works on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. 

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